Peter Russell

Writer & Director


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All screenplays, pilot scripts & stage plays are original, complete and registered, WGA (w).  Copyright holder Howling Moon Productions. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction strictly prohibited. Peter Russell 2012.

"Batman V: Twilight"

Genre: Superhero Action/Romance, Supernatural Thriller.
("End of Days"/"Raiders of the Lost Ark")

Terrorist WAR. 
Chemical PLAGUE. 
Global FAMINE. 
Economic DISEASE. 

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse descend on the Dark Knight. His deadliest enemy returns through a supernatural gateway to unleash a Demon-storm on Gotham City, on the eve of a celestial event prophesied for centuries. 

Ancient fears trigger religious battles, world food supplies dwindle and Wall St. is in danger of collapse.  The Batman is our only hope of salvation. But the sins of his Father have returned to haunt the son, leaving him older, greyer.  A broken warrior. 

Now more isolated than ever, he stands as witness to mankind's destruction rather than its saviour one last time. His evil adversary vows to lay waste to the earth by fire unless the Batman faces him in final battle. But while Armageddon rages,  Bruce Wayne has found the love of his life. And the world has lost its Hero.

The Twilight of the Gods has surely arrived....

"Angel Falling"  

Genre: Action-Thriller. ("Fugitive"/"Usual Suspects")

Haunted by the guilt that he could have prevented the tragic accident that killed his bride, Detective Steven Hollenbeck quits the LAPD. Seeking spiritual healing, he turns inward to his greatest passions; teaching Self Defence and playing Rhythm & Blues at night.

Two years later, Sebastian Granger, an English killer is paroled from a life-sentence and embarks on a deadly rampage in Los Angeles to reclaim his stolen fortune in Gold. His sadistic assassin inadvertently kills Hollenbeck's childhood friend, pulling him back into a nightmare he prayed he’d left behind.

A pacifist, now forced to use his lethal Martial Arts skills, he must fight to save a beautiful artist, Arabella, who unknowingly holds the key to the Gold’s location and a secret so dangerous, it threatens to rock the City of Angels.…

Action. Romance. Humour. And an electrifying Soundtrack.

Finally, an intelligent, low-budget Action movie.


(by Dan Adams & Peter Russell)

Genre: Suspense-Thriller.  ("The Game"/"Conspiracy Theory")

Hollywood Now. Fame & Fortune is the only game in town. But what happens when you reach the top?

No freedom. No privacy. No sanity. DeathBroker can offer the super-rich a new identity, a new personality, a new arranging their death!

Down and out Tabloid journalist Valance Edwards needed one last chance when he stumbled onto the biggest celebrity story of the century. The rumours are true; the King of Rock & Roll is alive! But DeathBroker will stop at nothing to protect his billion dollar secret, including the "death" of Hollywood's latest superstar, Celine, a beautiful singer that Valance used to love....

But with his hack reputation, now fact is more dangerous than fiction,- Whoin the world will believe him?                                   

"King of America" 

Genre: Romantic Comedy. ("Crocodile Dundee"/"Full Monty")

Meet Dudley Stimpson. A free-spirited Englishman, journeyman Tennis-pro and genuine womaniser who is about to confront his worst nightmare; finding the girl of his dreams!

Meet Janine DeWolffe. An American beauty with breeding and brains. She’s an interpreter for the U.N. who speaks 5 languages but can't understand how she's falling in love with a guy like Dud. Neither can her Father, who happens to be the Ambassador to Great Britain.

Through devious means, Dudley gets himself ‘invited’ to play an exhibition match in Los Angeles but instead gets trapped in the middle of an international incident; a hostage siege going horribly wrong. Confronted by the first situation he can’t charm his way out of, --Terrorists aren’t known for their humour--  Dudley must finally prove his own worth; to his country, to Janine and ultimately to himself, to learn some humility along with the hilarity.

For this tennis pro, love doesn’t have to mean nothing….

"Luckiest Kid in the World" (AKA; "A Charmed Life")

Genre: Romantic Fantasy. ("Field of Dreams/"Being There")

Every parent thinks their child is special.

Well, baby Tommy Roberts had a freak accident and ever since,he has been special. He just can't help himself. He can’t stop winning; every race, contest, game or test. He’s always in the right place at the right time!

His parents believe it's an Act of God but as Tommy grows up, one by one, his high-school friends turn against him and declare him a Freak of Nature.

When Claire, his childhood sweetheart, discovers his amazing secret, the blessing becomes a curse that will test his parents' marriage, the towns-people's beliefs and the boundaries of conventional science.

Now seventeen, Tommy is forced to make a fateful choice; to become ‘normal’ or be a social outcast forever. But forsaking his magical gift may cost the lifeof the Luckiest Kid in the World.

But miracles don't always conform to plan...


Genre: Action-Thriller. 
("In the Line of Fire"/"3 Days of the Condor")

Question; Who do you trust when your life is on the line?

Answer; No-one.

Washington Detective Keith Jensen is assigned to investigate a series of race murders that have terrified the Capitol. When he discovers the victims are all Cambodian Refugee’s, he uncovers a secret so shameful to the United States that the White house will do anything to protect it.

Suddenly, Jensen has become the target of the unknown killers...and possibly his own Police Dept. When an explosion destroys his fiancé’s apartment, he realises the oath he swore to protect and serve, now endangers everybody he loves. And his own lifeline is running out.

Action.  Intrigue. Startling plot twists. Characters ripped from the Headlines.

And a shocking finale.

"Life!"(It Ain't Like in the Brochures...)*

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Genre: Drama-Comedy. (One hour Festival/HBO type feature)

Where do you look for love in the new Millennium?

Classifieds? Internet? Video club? Speed dating? This 3 Act film explores the modern absurdities of our only real goal in life; finding Ms./Mr. Right.

Everyday and every night the endless search goes on. In coffee bars, elevators, even in our cars. Ever pulled up in gridlock and glanced across at a beautiful girl? You grin. She smiles back! You’re a regular white Knight but stuck at a red light, then she remembers her restraining order against her last boyfriend and pretends to talk on her cell phone!

Or worse; you officially meet the girl of your dreams. She asks for your card. Even leaves the funniest messages on your answer phone but the tape erases her number. She’ll never know why you didn’t call back. We rely on machines and they are working against us.

Love vs. Technology.

With adult Dating sites, e-mail, Voice-mail, Twitter & Cyber sex, i.m, Skype, My Space and Facebook...who the Fax needs a real live Human relationship?

Um... Humans do. But it ain't like in the brochures...

* also stage play


One hour Pilot for dramatic-comedy.

Imagine being born into High Society. British, of course. Next best thing to a real-life Princess. Country Manor? Town-house,  yacht, cars, horses, yes? Yes.  Raised since birth to walk with Kings; "Even been proposed to, by a couple of them,-"  Sounds perfect, right?  Well, appearances can be deceiving.

Delilah-Jane Fauntleroy, beautiful, bright, sexy, feminine. Self-deprecating too. On the outside anyway. "It helps people look beyond the image-thing and start helping those less fortunate than myself." Except, that's pretty much everyone else in the whole rest of the world! The ultimate co-dependant; Inside, this Princess is coming apart.

But where do you stop when there are so many causes, so many children in need.  She yearns for a baby of her own but; "I gave so much love at the office, there was none left for the bedroom".  Besides, her ex-husband only ever loved himself and the Beverly Hills divorcee scene for a 'catch' like Delilah, is a hysterical, recurring (guest-star) nightmare. 

When a mysterious package lands on her handsome, besotted Attorney's desk, Jamie Spencer discovers; "The IRS has frozen your assets. Homes, cash, plastic, everything. It seems Lord and Lady Fauntleroy have either been kidnapped or become fugitives".

Cut off from the family fortune, Delilah’s as penniless as the charities she champions. "The Irony’s not lost on me". Her odyssey will test her humour, faith and belief in human kindness. But all her good deeds won't go un-rewarded, surely?  Right, this is positive t.v.,-  So, just as things look darkest, most poignant, Pearl, a homeless black lady appears. Now Pearl is so wise you might take her for a guardian Angel  --if her mouth wasn't quite so wise-ass.

And yes, that package contains a Key. Rusty, maybe but it’s the key to Delilah's survival. For it opens a very special door. Along the Miracle Mile.